Access Denied – Is my ISP blocking me?

How to Tell if My ISP Is Blocking a Website From Me

You’ve typed in a website URL and the page is not loading. Your ISP might be blocking the website, but before anything else, try these quick solutions to check if the website is loading fine for others.

Checking Sites With Opera

The easiest option for checking whether or not your ISP is blocking a website is to use the free Opera browser. Opera has a free VPN service built into the browser. The VPN makes your browsing secure and gives you a virtual IP address so it seems as if you are browsing websites from another internet provider. Turn on the VPN feature by going to “Settings” and toggling on the “VPN” button. Type the website’s address into Opera and if the page loads, your ISP is blocking the website from you. If the page does not load, then there could beissue with the website itself and not your IP.

Checking Sites With Proxy Servers

You don’t necessarily have to use the Opera browser to check whether or not an ISP is blocking a website as you can instead use a web proxy from within your existing browser. Web proxies like, and allow you to type in a URL and view it from that proxy. If your website shows up fine in any of these sites but does not display without the proxy then that is a good indication that your ISP is blocking the website.

Checking Sites With Browser Extensions

Yet another option for checking if a website is blocked is to use a browser extension. Browsers like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have free browser extensions that allow you to easily connect to a VPN. Chrome’s free VPN extensions include SetupVPN, DotVPN and Hotspot Shield. Firefox’s free VPNextensions include Hoxx VPN Proxy and SetupVPN. As with Opera, you need to enable the VPN extension and then type in the address of the website you want to access to check if it’s blocked by your ISP.

Recomended VPN

Although pornography and adult websites are increasing in popularity at a rapid pace, there are several reasons why you might not be able to access them at the moment. This may be due to strict network settings, parental control filters or even due to government censorship on online content at your current location. Many governments around the world impose harsh regulation on pornography and mark it as illegal. However, with a trustworthy VPN, you can easily unblock any adult content you want by changing your IP address and re-routing your online traffic.  With a reliable VPN it doesn’t matter where you are, it just takes one click to encrypt your data and change your IP address.

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ISP Blocking in the U.S.

It’s worth mentioning that ISP blocking is not common in the U.S. Typically only websites that offer illegal goods or services are blocked and even then, not all websites of this nature are blocked by ISPs. Websites, however, routinely block and redirect you if you are trying to access pages intended for a different country.

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