The Weekend

For those who don’t know, Insex is to date probably the greatest bondage experience of the Internet Age. Insex is to bondage erotica what Industrial is to music and art.You’ll … Read More

No Escape

There’s no escape, but when you see the smile on some of these submissive females’ faces, it might not be so clear that they even want to leave. Their femdom … Read More


This blond dominatrix surely wants to have her cake and eat it too. She puts a fetish make on a submissive brunette than proceeds to fuck her while she’s kneeling … Read More

Dungeon Bound

Rubber Necro has a special appointment with Bane in one of the best dungeons in Los Angeles, “Dungeon Corp.” Today Rubber Necro will be punished in the Wood Room. She … Read More

Dominatrix Waitrix

This sexy lesbian movie knocks ’em dead with high camp choreographed musical numbers, a savior Wizard who runs the whole show from behind a curtain and overworked, underpaid waitresses who … Read More

Doctor Sadistic

Esinem the deliciously wicked sadist whose extreme erotic bondage and domination disturbs the viewer, stuns the senses. The forbidding looking warehouse of pain, punishment and depravity where his whimpering prisoner … Read More