Hellfire Milf Bondage Discipline 2

Once again, legendary Master Rick Savage leads sexy French bondage model, Sandrine on a journey into the bowels of the world famous Hellfire Club for a day of bondage, degradation and humiliation. Sandrine’s defilement begins outdoors, on the streets of Manhattan’s Chelsea district, just a few blocks from Hellfire. Rick has instructed Sandrine to wear a tight fitting, sheer top. The top is so see-through that passersby can easily see Sandrine’s natural breasts and nipples through the thin fabric. As traffic zips by, Rick commands Sandrine to pick up her skirt and show him her panties. They are black, sexy. He approves. But then he tells her to keep holding up her skirt and rub her pussy with her other hand. Reluctantly, she obeys. Rick tosses a collar on the sidewalk and tells Sandrine to pick it up and put it on. She obeys. In her short skirt, we can almost see her panties as she bends over to pick it up. She puts on the collar, which looks very much like an old fashioned dog collar, and Rick then attaches a leash to the collar. Now, wearing her see-through blouse, Sandrine is taken for a walk, led by her leash, into the meat market district, home of the Hellfire Club. At one point, Master Rick hands Sandrine a pair of handcuffs and instructs her to put them on. Sandrine handcuffs her hands behind her back and their walk through the streets of the meat market continues. A couple of workmen leaning against a garbage dumpster smile in approval.

Then…we’re inside. Inside what was once the most famous S&M club on planet earth. If the stone and brick walls could talk, oh what a tale they would tell. Through the dim lighting, Sandrine is still led by her leash. In one of the dungeon rooms, an old Harley Davidson has been mounted so it can now be used as “bondage furniture.” It’s in this room that Rick elects to turn up the lights and tell Sandrine to take off her skirt. Rick chuckles as Sandrine attempts to accomplish this simple task with her hands still cuffed behind her back. Her struggles are so amusing that Rick then tells her to take off her panties as well. Once she has denuded herself from the waist down, Rick commands her to bend over and place her forehead on the back seat of the motorcycle. He removes the handcuffs so he has free access to Sandrine’s full, round buttocks. She now receives a harsh butt flogging, gasping as the strands of leather collide with her delicate ass flesh. Rick’s camera zooms in close until Sandrine’s ass literally fills our entire screen. With each flog, we now watch her ass jiggle wildly.

Master Rick commands his MILF slave to climb up and sit on the Harley as though she were going to ride. With Sandrine standing on the foot pegs and her hands on the handle bars, her ass flogging continues. Rick holds his camera in his left hand and flogs her red butt globes with the other hand. In this position, Sandrine’s shaved pussy is visible and vulnerable, so Savage assaults it with his flogger. Savage instructs her to remove her blouse, leaving her completely nude. He instructs her to now turn around and lie back on the motorcycle as though it’s her bed. Rope bondage is used to affix our French MILF’s ankles to the rear foot pegs and to tie her hands to the handlebars. Her natural breasts look fantastic, floating on her ribcage. Savage uses the leather handle of her leash to smack her nipples and bald pussy, bringing gasps from our slave. The cold steel chain of the leash is also used to tease her twat. Rick now uses his leather flogger to punish the entire front of her naked torso: her tits, her pussy, even her tender inner thighs. After a lengthy pussy whipping, Rick applies leather restraints to Sandy’s wrists and ankles. The restraints are then clipped to a spider web of chains in Hellfire’s main dungeon room. Rick now uses a large, brittle bottle brush to inflict nipple tease and pussy tease upon his totally nude slave. Sandrine repeatedly gasps as the harsh bristles rake across her hard raw nipples and shaved pussy. Next, Rick uses a pair of cold, steel tongs to inflict tit tease and more nipple tease. After LOTS of nipple twisting and pinching with the tongs, wicked Rick applies sturdy clothespins To Sandy’s hard MILF nipples. He then lets her wear the clothespins while he goes to prepare the next Hellfire dungeon room for her final demise.

Finally, a blindfolded, completely naked Sandrine is bound to a spanking horse, using plenty of rope bondage. Rick returns to butt beating, mostly using his leather flogger. At this stage, Sandrine’s buns are quite colorful. Red, pink and splotches of lavender amidst the red and pink. When Rick’s camera finally faded to end this bondage video, we imagined that when her ass punishment finally ended, the lavender areas of Sandrine’s ass would eventually turn purple.

The world famous Hellfire club is long gone, a victim of “urban renewal.” But it lives on in a handful of videos produced by Master Rick Savage. You’ll like this movie because it gives you the opportunity to visit such a legendary den of degradation, a place you’ve only dreamed about visiting. You’ll also like it because Sandrine is such a hot, sexy MILF pain sponge.

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