Full Bush Latina Bondage

We find sexy young Latina Lexi (and her full hairy bush) sitting in Master Rick Savage’s dungeon wearing black boots, red satin panties, bra and a business suit jacket. She’s nervous and a little shy, as she explains she’s never done bondage before. Right away we’re thinking, “Well little lady, you’ve come to the right place, because wicked Rick has enough experience for the both of you.” Rick explains, “If you want to be an actress, nothing short of total obedience to your director is essential.” She’s a little hesitant to remove her jacket, but Rick reminds her, “You’ve gotta do what the director tells you.” Off comes the jacket, and we see that she’s got a nice set of natural tits hiding under her black bra. Rick gives her a large collar, telling her to put it on, as he feels it will help put her in the appropriate submissive mood. Lexi asks if this is a collar for animals, and Rick explains that some people might use them for animals, but around here we call it a “slave collar.” Reluctantly, Lexi puts on the collar. He instructs his new slave to turn for his camera, and we see that Lexi has an attractive, voluptuous ass ideal for spanking.

Time for some slave training, so Rick affixes a leash to his hot Latina’s collar and takes her for a walk. After a few circles, Rick decides that for the leash training to really be effective, lovely Lexi needs to be on her hands and knees. On all fours, slave girl is again taken for a walk, with Rick saying things like “good girl,” as though he’s speaking to a pet dog. After a nice walk, Lexi is told to sit up and beg. She instinctively holds her hands just to the sides of her nice tits and pants like a puppy. When told to speak, she makes soft barking sounds. Rick asks, “So far, do you like being an actress?” to which Lexi says, “It’s ok, I guess.” He tells her that in the next scene, she’s “playing the victim.” As Lexi casts a curious, almost surprised glance at the camera, we have to wonder if Rick has explained the difference between a Hollywood movie and one of his bondage movies.

When the camera fades back, rope bondage has been used to bind our Latin slave to a hand truck. A large red ball gag is tied into Lexi’s sexy mouth. Rick now slips the leather flap at the end of his riding crop into Lexi’s bra cups to tease her tits. He then pulls the cups back exposing her tits, and we see gorgeous, large, erect brown nipples topping off her natural boobs. Lexi admits her long nipples are very sensitive. Her nipple tease arrives in the form of Rick twisting and pinching those long nipple erections. We get a super close-up view as Rick holds his camera in his left hand and crushes her nipples with his right. The moans from beneath Lexi’s ball gag are both loud and beautiful. Rick now picks up the handle of the hand truck and takes his “cargo” for a ride around the dungeon. Rick “parks” his truck in a way that leaves Lexi lying on her back with her gorgeous ass cheeks exposed and vulnerable. One metal bar of the hand truck passes directly between her cheeks, while two other bars frame her ass along the outside. The leather flap at the end of his riding crop now spanks her beautiful bum while we’re serenaded by the most beautiful whining sound coming from behind Lexi’s ball gag.

Our new slave’s journey into the realm of B&D continues as Rick uses more rope bondage to bind her into an antique dental chair wearing nothing but her panties and boots. Our hot Latina’s hard nipples seem to beg for attention. So Rick gives them some with his big, industrial strength bottle brush. As Rick rakes the bristles over her sensitive nipples, Lexi emits the most beautiful, sensual moans. Again, Rick’s camera zooms in tight on the excruciating nipple tease. But what’s this? Lexi begins shaking her natural boobs back and forth, repeatedly brushing her nipples against the hard bristles. We think the young Latina is beginning to really enjoy her discomfort. Rick shifts to tit tease as he begins adorning Lexi’s all-natural tits with clothespins. Not wanting her nipples to feel neglected, he also places large clothespins on her nipples. Naturally, Rick bends and flicks the clothespins.

Flogging is next on the corporal action list as Rick affixes Lexi to the St. Andrew’s cross and punishes her back and her beautiful, jiggley ass with a heavy leather flogger. Occasionally, Rick lets go with an upwards stroke between her legs so the flogger can land a teasing blow to her pussy. Before moving on to her next “training position,” Rick gives his Hispanic slave a firm bare handed spanking.

For her final demise, Lexi is stripped completely nude. Rope encases her tits, causing them to bulge nicely against her bonds. One ankle is tied to one thigh, and the other ankle is attached to a winch and hoisted towards the ceiling. This gives us a perfect view of Lexi’s full furry bush. Rick’s Wurtenberg pinwheel now explores his slave’s naked frame. Her tits, her nipples, her hairy pussy, her butt crack, even the soles of her bare feet are teased with the sharp pinwheel.

In a way, this bondage video is good for people looking to explore B&D, S&M for the first time, as the action leans towards being sensual and erotic, rather than extremely harsh. By the end of the movie, Lexi’s moans sound like moans of serious pleasure.

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