House of Painful Pleasure 2

Arachnia has referred January to Master Liam in hope of getting her a job at the bondage club downtown. But she must first audition with the master of ties. He’s no slouch and she’s placed in hard tight ties, her breast squeezed beyond their normal limits. Leather cuffs and gags are used to restrain and muffle her cries of pleasure and pain. Afterwards Liam calls Archnia and asks her to come over, so pleased is he with her referral. But his showing of pleasure manifests itself in ties and orgasm as a massage device is slowly moved across her body. Screams of pleasure are music to Liam’s ears. He has nothing but thanks to his lovely little bondage slave!

Sweet Vibrations

Liam has thoughts of taking time off from work today when he thinks of his beautiful Gia upon awakening. Calling in sick, he has all day to interweave his thoughts with reality. A master at rope work he ties his willing Gia into numerous positions after surprising her with a new outfit. The green latex g-string shines against the sweep of her jet-black hair and bountiful soft breasts. Out comes the massager and out comes the cries of contentment and inevitable orgasms.

Again and again she is pleased, as Liam teases her with gentle motion and ice cubes! The hemp rope is well used today. Just as his pleasure is about to continue he gets a call from work demanding that he come in. He leaves Gia tied, but with the vibrator close at hand!

Liam’s Suspension Knots

Loren and Mina are up for a bit of fun today. They inquire with Master Liam to see if he might have a spot of time for them at his dungeon playground. Master Liam is a well disciplined taskmaster and takes his work to heart. Loren enters in red high heels and black nylons. Master Liam soon peels away the layer of her lingerie as she is suspended in various entrapments. A spreader bar exposes her soft inner thighs and lacy underwear. Totally nude she is suspended upside down and in a spread-eagle position as a metal device is placed into her mouth. There is no place for her protesting utterances…When it is finally Mina’s turn she is tied against a red leather bondage horse and clad in red and black heels and black nylons. A large metal rectangular suspension rack is hoisted with Mina attached. A plethora of ropes are used making her look as if she were a spider in a web. Master Liam’s web of bondage is full of willing participants today!

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