Chamber of Horrors

When beautiful Alexaa Master’s mysterious uncle meets an untimely demise, she learns she is the sole heiress to his estate. For years she had heard rumors about her uncle Rick and his business. Everything from involvement in the occult, to S&M, and even pornography. With her curiosity peaked, Alexa decides to take a trip to Uncle Rick’s old warehouse to see just what she has inherited. As she looks around, Alexa discovered a video tape of a beautiful woman, gagged, shackled and being subjected to a harsh whipping by a man closely resembling her step-uncle. She quickly shuts off the tape player, afraid she may discover more about her late relative than she wants to know. But Alexa continues to explore with trembling curiosity. Looking through a collection of her uncle’s very bizarre art work, she feels a strange arousal. As she squats against the wall, her fingers grind at her soaked panties, she thinks of what it would be like to be tied up, helpless, straining at her bonds to escape some terrible, yet exquisite deflowering.
After her self-pleasuring, Alexa lays down in a comfortable chair where she drifts into a light sleep. When she awakens, strange things begin to happen. She begins to feel invisible hands touching her everywhere, grabbing her, pulling off her clothes. She seems to be the star oof an S & M flick being made from beyond the grave.

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