Cheating Horsewoman

Juliette is on the way to see her horse. She wears of course an equestrian outfit with riding boots and a whip. But who is the man who stands suddenly on the way to the horse farm? After some short small talk she knows what he wants from her. He knows that Juliette fucks with the husband of her boss. He has the evidence. Now Juliette has two alternatives: The man speaks with her boss. Juliette agrees to do what he wants. Juliette has to put on leather cuffs on hands and feet. After this she gets also a collar. Juliette has to kneel down and she starts to suck his dick. What a great blowjob. But he wants more. Juliette gets a harness gag and he pulls her to a tree. He ties her to the tree and pulls down her panties. He fucks her from behind in doggy style while she is tied to the tree. Oh yeah, pony girls are there to fuck. After fucking he leaves her, still tied to the tree.

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