Masochist Born Eva


Eva is the ultimate masochist always looking for new ways to punish herself. Some might be baffled with her attitude and consider her a submissive slut yes, she will always be the perfect submissive slut to be tamed by BDSM masters. She is not afraid if being whipped, paddled, or spanked Extreme bondage is something she got used to and tight ropes are the best way to become submissive to the cruel masters intensions. Her bit tits and nipples are d so much she cannot avoid crying in pain, but that’s all part of her extreme habit to reach the next pain level. Her tits and nipples are d with needles, and clamps, and after a while the BDSM master binds her tits so tightly they become purple. Eva is not even frightened by hot candle wax. Yes, what some consider pain and Eva says it’s just the best way to reach total ecstasy.

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